Using the latest diagnostics equipment we can find the underlying cause of your dashboard light or electrical fault. B D Auto Services can diagnose and rectify almost any issue on your car. We use your car’s vehicle management system to ensure optimum operation by the time you leave our premises.

With the popularity of vehicles fitted with computerised systems, detecting and diagnosing faults can now be done electronically, using tools designed to read the information stored by your car.

This way detailed information about the fault can be retrieved, which is then interpreted by a properly qualified mechanic and used to get an accurate diagnosis.

Does your vehicle have a dashboard warning light on?

If your vehicle is showing a warning light you may need to pull over and seek assistance straight away, or have it inspected by a garage as soon as you can.

We can find out quickly and efficiently what problems have led to a warning light using diagnostics equipment, and this will then allow us to make the correct repairs or adjustments. The kinds of problems we can diagnose in this way include:

  • Engine management problems: issues with the management system itself
  • ABS
  • Air conditioning
  • Charging
  • Electrical faults
  • Emissions irregularities

Why use diagnostics?

This is the modern, efficient way of finding and dealing with faults, and it means that problems can be pinpointed and corrected more quickly and with greater precision than ever before.

Electronic feedback from your vehicle provides the technician with much more information than could be previously be gathered, and because your car’s management system alerts you to any fault straight away, problems can be eliminated early on, avoiding any knock-on damage.